Welcome friend.


My name is Ellie Sheehan and I am the author they have chosen to tell their story.



What are they and where did they come from?



They aren’t imagined by authors or created by scientist.

These people have been gifted to our earth by the strongest elements within our atmosphere, nature.


How can I describe an entity that is Druis?

They are as graceful as falling blossoms from our ancient trees;

As beautiful as the moonlit ocean on a clear winter’s night;

As powerful as the sun rays on a summer’s day.


All elements bestowed to these ancient warriors and keepers of our world.


How would we fair against them?

We wouldn’t; Nature cannot be defeated!

These unique people are an undiscovered race, with hidden communities within our human realm.

Discover their essence for life and how they became protectors of our planet.


Nature has never been so appealing or so terrifying.


Take a seat and relax, whilst I unfold many stories of these ancient forms


The first book you have been drawn to is called



It is the first exciting installment, after my discovery of the Druis people.


I hope you enjoy their story, as much as I have enjoyed telling it.


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To draw out puss and white heads

Mix together -

2 teaspoons of Camomile

1 tablespoon of Olive oil

5 drops of tea tree essential oil


Cover the boil in the mixture and leave for at least 30 mins, twice daily.

Once the puss has risen to a head, squeeze and release, cleansing the boil after extraction.

Reapply the mixture until the boil has subsided.



Fantasy / Thriller




Is it Fiction? thats for you to decide

Horrors of what she had wrought were locked away in a small black box, within her sub-conscience memory. The constant nightmares of two faceless forms was her only enigma, until a divulged family secret opens her eyes to a divergent world. A domain where the impossible becomes possible and where her endurance will be tested, whilst protecting families both new and old.

Time stood still as fibres of their souls reached through the outer shell and knitted them together.


E-mail: sheehan.ellie@aol.co.uk